How to Choose Perfect Dog House

07/17/2014 12:57

If your dog is not happy in your house, this is the right time to buy dog house.But what are criteria to purchase the perfect dog house. General speaking we may consider dogs weight, height, age etc. but this is not enough there are several things also.

Consider the type of amenities you need to include before buying otherwise you will be frustrated. Wood is the best material because it maintains proper room temperature. If you choose Metal and plastic; they absorb heat and cold,fluctuating with the weather and dogs will feel uncomfortable.

Features to Consider If you want to build it

1) Materials
2) Size
3) Durability
4) Ability to clean
5) Chew proof
6) Safe
7) Ability to move

Features to Consider If you want to buy Dog House

1) Temperature controlled - As per weather temperature changes; to sustain in weather you can use solar panels for the roof. This roof helps to maintain normal temperature in the summer sun will be deflected and absorb energy for cold winter months.

2) Measurement - Take your pet's measurement in different positions to make sure pet will have adequate room to stand up, turn around, and lie down in the house. The door must be at high so that the dog need not to lower head while entering.

3) Location - Location of the dog house should be perfect. Direction of wind, direction of water flow during the rainy season and size of dog should be considered while selecting right place.

4) Amenities - Amenities such as food and a water dispenser or an elevated floor, which will help to control parasites; operable windows for proper ventilation can be included as per your budget and dog need.

If you have multiple pets, think of buying or building separate house or plan up for a big house with separate room for each pet. Try to include more windows for better ventilation.

Most important is location should be nearby to your living room, so that if your lovely pet needs your help any time, you must present there. So the while Shopping online the ideal home for dogs should not be attractive only, safety is first priority and then other features should be considered.

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Desirable Features are as follows

1) Easy to use
2) Easy to set up
3) Easy to clean
4) Stability
5) Safety - No sharp edges 
6) Comfortable for pet 
7) Keeps pet warm in winter, cool in summer
8) Easy to maintain